Link different applications together & share all the data you need to other systems


Maybe you do not want to change your old software because it works fine for you but some times we have the need to create another software that uses the data provided by your old software, maybe you just want an interface that uses that date to provide you with crucial information

Advantajes of using APIs

Lately there is a lot of talk about the important role that APIs play in improving any business model, with a whole range of advantages for any kind of company.

  • Personalization: through APIs any user or company can customize the content and services that they use the most.
  • Integration: APIs allow content to be embedded from any site or application more easily. This guarantees more fluid information delivery and an integrated user experience.
  • Adaptation: needs change over time and APIs help to anticipate changes. When working with this technology, data migration is supported better, and the information is reviewed more closely. In short, APIs make service provision more flexible.
  • New data available: an API allows all of the information generated at the government level to be available to every citizen, not just a select few.
  • More scope: with an API an application layer can be created which can be used to distribute information and services to new audiences which can be personalized to create custom user experiences.
  • Application: because APIs can access the app components, the delivery of services and information is more flexible.