Divide and conquer

How can microservices help my company grow?

A well defined microservices architecture can make your software easier to build, maintainable and more flexible. Based on small modules the micro-services architecture ensures availability, scalability and a fast response to petitions.
In AINGO Technologies we help your software to get to the next level

Micro-Services architectures and Cloud Computing are the trend for the architectures of the next generation of software, every part of your company is a system that can be automatized and controlled, micro-services are here to make this easier for us by providing:

  • Faster initialization and execution
  • Better isolation
  • Finer-grained execution environments
  • Higher scalability
  • Better performance.

Micro-Services Migration

Migrate your legacy system to a brand new micro-services structure

AINGO Technologies offers a complete migration from old legacy systems to micro-services architectures, we will pimp your software. let us convert it to a modern architecture using the best agile practices and methodologies, we make it faster, better, scalable, accessible, secure, customized and usable.